Workout Buddy: Why You Should Train With a Partner


A short article on how training with a workout buddy will make you work harder and keep you accountable.


I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Maybe 5 or 6 hours. I had a late finish yesterday and an early morning client today.


Not that I’m complaining. I love being a personal trainer, and I’ll take a little sleep deprivation if it means I can do a job I enjoy so much.


But, by 10 am, I was feeling pretty tired. I would have put off working out until the weekend, but I’d said to a friend that I’d train with him at 10.30 am.


So I got changed, I did a little mobility work, and then reluctantly walked out on to the gym floor. I was NOT in the mood to work out and I expected to have to use lighter weights than I would normally use.


My friend turned up a couple of minutes later. With his roommate, who knew I was a personal trainer.


He introduced me to his roommate, and we got to work…


… it was one of the BEST workouts I’ve had in a LONG time.


Training with a workout buddy (or workout buddies) DRIVES you. To push another 5 lb. Get 1 more rep. Keep going for another 10 seconds.


Especially if they’re younger than you and you want to show these kids that you’ve still got it 😆.


I pushed harder in that workout than I’ve pushed in a while. I didn’t want to have to stop at 7 reps when I said I was aiming for 8, so I just FORCED myself to get that last rep.


And training with a workout buddy keeps you ACCOUNTABLE. I wouldn’t have had such a GREAT workout today if I hadn’t arranged to train with my friend at that specific time. I would have put off training until tomorrow and maybe even skipped it all together.


If you’re having trouble pushing through workouts, or just going to the gym in the first place, find someone who’ll be your workout buddy. There are even apps that will help you find one.


Arrange a specific time and day, and get to work.


No excuses.