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Weekly Roundup 9/23/18



Your Multipurpose Strength Tool (AKA the Get-Up) – Brett Jones, StrongFirst


Turkish Get-Ups are one of my favourite exercises, and this article describes an awesome variation that I’m going to throw into my own training.


The author, Brett Jones, has made a video demonstration of the exercise, which is worth checking out. He has a Dad bod (no offence, Brett) but he moves like a ballerina.



Exercises You Should Try: Offset Glute Bridge DB Press – Tony Gentilcore


After reading this article, I knew I had to try this exercise.


And it’s fantastic. You get to train your glutes, core, and upper body, all at the same time.


I spent a few hours mastering the movement, and now I’ve introduced it into a couple of my more advanced clients’ programs.


They LOVED it.



CBD for Lifters – elitefts


I have a lot of respect for powerlifters. What they do takes an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.


I even use powerlifting techniques in my own programs, both for myself and for clients who want to get strong.


But, taken to its extreme, powerlifting puts a hell of a lot of stress on the body. It’s a perfect example of how getting stronger is only healthy up to a certain point: very few powerlifters come away from the sport without serious injury.


Which means a lot of them are in chronic pain.


Fortunately for them, with the legalisation of cannabis becoming more and more widespread, they’re able to use CBD, which is a non-psychoactive and non-toxic cannabis extract. It’s been proven to be very effective at pain relief, which none of the side effects you’d find with NSAIDs.


Fascinating article.



Rippetoe Goes Off – T-Nation


I love Mark Rippetoe. He wrote one of the best fitness books out there, “Starting Strength“, which everyone should read.


And he doesn’t give a damn about the latest fitness trends, or if what he says is going to offend you. Here’s my favourite line from the article:


Your muscles are firing, no matter what the physical therapist tells you. You’re just weak.




Although I have to add that I don’t completely agree with him here. I’ve seen plenty of people who find it hard to activate the muscles in their core, especially the ones involved in rotary stability (internal and external obliques).


But a few simple core exercises soon rebuild the connection to those muscles in seconds. I do agree with Mr Rippetoe that it doesn’t require months of over-priced sessions with a physical therapist.



Why I Stopped Running After 51 Years: A Goodbye to Running – Starting Strength


The story of Phil Ringman, who, at 59 years old, stopped running after 51 years and started lifting.


I’d say he was 51 years late to the party. But better late than never.



BONUS – New Blog Post – What to Eat Before a Workout: A Simple Guide


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a guide to pre-workout nutrition.


So this week I decided to write a guide to post-workout nutrition.



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