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Weekly Roundup 10/7/18



Nutrient Timing is Much Simpler Than You Think – Tony Gentilcore


Actually, this was a guest post by Michael Gregory on Tony’s website.


He talks about dinosaurs, hobbits, and there’s even a Doctor Who GIF!


Seriously, it’s awesome.


And he makes a lot of sense. My favourite line:


When your main food groups are protein, Red Bull, beer, and sugar it doesn’t matter when you drink that shaker cup of powder.


In summary:


If you are deficient in any aspect of your diet, nutritional timing will be a waste of your time.



The Religion of Dieting – Breaking Muscle


We all have that friend who just won’t stop talking about how great their new diet is.


Well, it’s no surprise, especially if that friend has seen good results. The new diet represents an escape from their old life of suffering, of feeling like crap, of unhappiness.


It’s a religious conversion.



Macro Wars: Must Your Starve to Lose Weight? – Ketovangelist


Short answer: no.


Eat a healthy diet full of whole foods, lean protein, healthy fats, veggies, and *gasp* some carbs. Eat until you’re no longer hungry (NOT until you’re stuffed).


And get rid of white, refined, processed sugar.



People Are Getting Seriously Sick From Eating Kale – Men’s Health


I hate raw kale, which is why I love the title of this article so much.


Listen, we started cooking for a reason. Don’t fall for the raw foods marketing BS.



Exercise of the Week: 1-leg Side Bridge – Eric Cressey


A regular side plank is too easy for you? Try this advanced variation from Eric.



BONUS – New Blog Post – Best Low Carb Snacks: My 11 Favourites


A few clients have asked me about healthy snacks recently.


So I wrote this for them.



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