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Weekly Roundup 10/14/18



It’s OK To Want To Look Good – Breaking Muscle


I’m a big fan of functional training. The kind of exercise that’s going to help you move better and retain independence into old age.


But I’m also a big fan of looking good. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I meet a lot of very intelligent people at the gym who tell me they want to be healthier, they want to improve their flexibility, they want to run a marathon.


Awesome. Those are good goals (although the marathon thing seems kinda crazy to me). But, most of the time, those aren’t the real goals. The actual goal is to look good naked.


For some reason, intelligent people are reluctant to admit they want to look good. Maybe they think it’s stupid, or not serious. And maybe they’re ashamed of having this desire, so they declare they “just want to be healthier”.


Wanting to look good is at least 50% why I train. There, I said it.



The 7 Simple Muscle-Building Habits – T Nation


There’s a lot of information out there on building muscle. 90% of it is plain wrong, 9% is overcomplicated, and 1% is actually decent.


This article is one of the 1%. Read it if your current goal is building lean muscle.



Magnesium Supplementation: Everything You Need to Know – Ben Greenfield (podcast)


Magnesium is vital for optimal physical performance. And if you can perform better, you’re more likely to hit your goals – more muscle, less body fat, improved strength.


Unless you supplement with magnesium (I take ZMA every evening) you’re probably deficient in this essential mineral. Check out the podcast for more info.



The Complete Guide to Protein – Bodybuilding.com


If you train regularly, getting enough protein is vital. I aim for at least 1 g protein per lb of bodyweight. I weigh 185 lb, so I aim for 185 g of protein.



Getting Stronger Is Corrective – Tony Gentilcore


Another week, another awesome article from Tony Gentilcore.


Too many trainers focus on what their clients can’t do, when it might be a good idea to actually look at what their client can do.


I don’t want to spend an hour going through “corrective” exercise with clients. First of all, I’m not a physiotherapist. And second, it’s boring for the client.


I’ll spend 5-10 minutes helping a client with mobility at the beginning of the session, and perhaps I’ll tag on a corrective exercise at the end of a circuit if I think it’ll help the client.


But ultimately, the majority of the session is going to be focused on exploiting the client’s STRENGTHS to get them to their fitness goals.



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