Stress and Weight Gain


A short article on the link between stress and weight gain.


I see it all the time at my gym: despite being strict with calorie intake and getting plenty of exercise, a lot of people find it TOUGH to lose body fat.


It’s kinda sad to see people come and work out on an almost daily basis and still look exactly the same a year later.


One of the main causes of this is STRESS and the body’s hormonal response to stress.


I see stress in gym members every day. They’ll often arrive at the gym after a day of intense meetings, urgent phone calls, and dealing with clients panicking about the latest minor hiccup in the stock market.


They’re frowning as they walk in. Their shoulders are slumped forward from all the computer work they’ve just been doing.


They’re probably in a state of CHRONIC stress.


Chronic stress can lead to insulin resistance. This means your body has to produce more insulin than usual.


And excessively elevated levels of insulin can literally make it IMPOSSIBLE to burn body fat, even if you work out a lot and follow a healthy way of eating.


It can even make you GAIN body fat if you’re sufficiently overstressed.


In short, stress and weight gain go hand in hand.


Unless people can learn to deal with their chronic stress, physical stress (exercise) is just going to add to their chronic stress, making fat-loss even more difficult.


MEDITATION is a great tool to use for those with chronic stress. Just a few minutes sitting and focussing on your breathing can make a surprising difference. I’d recommend doing it before a workout if you’re feeling stress.


Try Headspace or One Moment Meditation.


SLEEP is also important for stress management. Get at least 7 hours. Check out my blog post for 15 ways to improve your sleep.


The evidence is clear: if you’re trying to lose weight, chronic stress is going to ruin your efforts.