It took me a while to decide what to write for my first blog post. Should I try to sound intelligent? Write a “get ripped in 30 days” guide? Post a shirtless selfie?


Well, I’m of average intelligence at best, it takes months to get ripped, and I’ll save the selfie for another time.


So instead, I’m going to give you a list of strength and conditioning coaches who are better than me. Coaches who’ve taught me a lot a lot through their books, articles, and videos. Coaches you should follow too.


Nine Awesome Strength and Conditioning Coaches:


1. Dan John. Dan’s blog and books have been a huge influence on me. He also happens to be a fantastic writer and I recommend you read everything he’s ever written.

2. Eric Cressey. His book “Maximum Strength” is perfect if you want to improve your powerlifts.

3. Steve Maxwell. Works with top-level martial artists on conditioning and mobility, while being In his sixties.

4. Pavel Tsatsouline. Former physical training instructor for Soviet special forces and perhaps the main populariser of kettlebell training in the West. His writing is hilarious.

5. Gray Cook. Creator of the Functional Movement Screen, the tool I use to screen clients and figure out how to best write their programs.

6. Mike Boyle. A leading authority on functional strength training, which is the foundation of all the programs I write for my clients.

7. Charles Poliquin. I’ve stolen a lot of bodybuilding techniques from Charles.

8. CT Fletcher. I LOVE watching CT’s videos for both motivation and learning new techniques.

9. Tim Ferriss. He isn’t a coach, but his book The 4-Hour Body is perfect for beginners.


In the years I’ve been researching fitness, I’ve come across A LOT of different trainers. Most were bad. Some were OK. The nine strength and conditioning coaches above were the most influential to me, and I still refer back to their work.


Nutrition is another area I’ve heavily researched over the last few years. There’s even more nutrition junk online than fitness junk, but here are a few people and books that have influenced me:


1. Robb Wolf. The reasonable and scientific voice of the paleo movement.

2. Dominic D’Agostino. Ketogenic diet expert.

3. Gary Taubes. Science journalist. Why We Get Fat is a great read.

4. The Paleo Manifesto. This book goes deep into food habits.

5. The 4-Hour Chef. You should learn how to cook. This book will teach you.


Who are your favourite strength and conditioning coaches? And where do you get your nutrition guidance? Leave a comment below.