I read that 97% of people who lose a substantial amount of weight regain it all within 3 years.

97 out of 100 people! That’s basically everyone!

It raises a question: how can you make sure you’re in the top 3% of people who keep the weight OFF?

There are A LOT of different reasons why people regain the weight, but the main one I see is that people tend to lose weight TOO QUICKLY.

They suddenly cut calories, starve themselves, and spend HOURS exercising every day.

These people will easily drop 20-25 lb in just a couple of months.

It works … but only in the short term. This way of living is totally unsustainable. It’s too extreme, it takes up too much time, and it will probably result in loss of muscle mass.

You don’t want to lose muscle because your metabolism will drastically slow down. This is usually why people stop losing weight and start regaining body fat.

The key is to slowly lose weight over the course of 6-12 months. It WILL stay off after that time, as long as you maintain a baseline level of regular physical activity.

I had one client train with me consistently for 9 months. In that time she built 7 lb of lean muscle tissue and lost 24 lb of body fat.

She then took 2 months off training to travel.

During this time she kept up a basic level of physical activity – lots of walking and some bodyweight exercises a couple of times a week – and maintained a healthy diet 80% of the time.

When she came back from her holiday 2 months later, we rechecked her body composition: she’d only lost 0.5 lb of muscle and gained 0.5 lb of body fat.

That’s a DAMN impressive result after not going anywhere near a gym in 2 months.

And it goes to show: for losing weight and keeping it off long-term, slow and steady is the way to go.