Hard Work and Suffering: A Client’s Story


A short article on the value of hard work and suffering.


One of my clients is a doctor. He was recently telling me about his study habits while he was at medical school: he had classes from 8 am until 5 pm. Then he’d go home, eat, and study until 10.30 pm.


His alarm would go off at 5 am the next morning. He’d grab some coffee and squeeze in another couple of hours studying before class began again.


Day in, day out.


This guy understood the value of discipline and sacrifice, of hard work and suffering. He crushed medical school, and now he’s a massively successful doctor.


And the good doctor brings that level of discipline to his training sessions. We had a couple of mobility issues to work through when he first began training. The exercises we did to get him to a functional level were PAINFUL at times, but the doctor never complained.


He just gritted his teeth and got on with it.


The changes he made were TREMENDOUS. Now he can get down into a deep squat position and talk to his patients at their level. This might not sound like much to you or me, but being able to do this makes a HUGE difference for sick patients.


He’s also stronger, leaner, and has more energy to get through the 14-hour days he sometimes has to endure.


Look, I’m not saying that getting in shape means constant pain, hard work and suffering.


Far from it.


But if you want to make REAL physical changes that stick, you have to accept that you’re going to find yourself in an OCCASIONAL state of suffering.


It might be the suffering of a particularly tough set of squats.


It might be the suffering that comes from saying no to the pizza.


And it might be the suffering of waking up at 5 am so you can train before work.


Accept the suffering and learn to get comfortable with it. This WILL lead to health and fitness success.