This blog post is for all my clients who want to know about the “healthiest” snacks or the “best low carb snacks”.


I’m gonna begin by saying I don’t like snacks. Why are you snacking? If you feel the need to snack, it means you didn’t eat enough at your last meal.


But, on the other hand, I understand. You’re still trying to figure out your best approach to food. Maybe you’re used to mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, and you just want to replace those unhealthy snacks with healthier ones.


Or maybe you’re thinking Daniel, you just put me through the toughest f****ing workout I’ve ever done, so how about you chill the f*** out and just tell me what I can munch on without feeling guilty while I watch TV this evening?


Fair enough.


So here are the eleven best low carb snacks. Enjoy.






Hard-Boiled Eggs


Super simple. Hard-boiled eggs are one of the easiest and best low carb snacks you can make.


Thanks to their high protein content, they’re perfect for building muscle.


And if you’re trying to lose body fat, you’re in luck: Weight Watchers recently made hard boiled eggs zero points. Why? Because, while eggs obviously contain calories, it’s pretty bloody hard to overeat them.



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Beef Jerky


Beef jerky is awesome.


But you can’t just buy any old beef jerky. Most brands are full of sugar and other crap you should probably avoid.


One of my clients recently brought this brand to my attention. I can’t vouch for its taste, but the ingredients and macronutrients look great.



Nut Butter


A tablespoon of nut butter – almond butter is my favourite – makes a decent snack. It’s full of healthy fats that should hopefully fill you up.


By the way, this is NOT a tablespoon of nut butter:


best low carb snacks

A tablespoon? No, it’s half the bloody jar.


My advice: spread the nut butter on a stick of celery. It’ll take longer to eat and will fill you up more.



Tuna and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


If you’re trying to build muscle, this is another one of the best low carb snacks, along with hard-boiled eggs, that you can make.


And it’s even easier to make than hard-boiled eggs. Just open and drain a can of tuna and pour in a little extra virgin olive oil.


Important note: only buy canned tuna in brine or in olive oil. All other kinds contain too much crap.



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This is yet another one of the best low carb snacks you can get, for both convenience and health.


Sardines, like any animal product, are a great source of protein. And they also contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, as well as calcium in the tiny bones.


Again, only buy sardines in brine or olive oil. Open, drain, and eat.





I love olives. They taste so damn good.


They’re basically tiny balls of fibre and healthy fats. And they’re salty. Which is why they make such a great low carb snack.





Half an avocado makes an awesome low carb snack.


In fact, you could always go a little further and make some guacamole.


But stick to half an avocado at a time. One whole avocado contains over 300 calories, which is a little much for a snack.



Dark Chocolate (85% or higher)


If you’re looking for a low carb snack that’s a little sweeter, dark chocolate might work for you.


Don’t buy anything less than 85% cocoa, and stick to one square. Eat it slowly, and you’ll be surprised at how much it’ll fill you up.



Low Sugar Berries with Cinnamon


If you’re really craving carbs, low sugar berries might be a good option for you.


Go for blueberries, raspberries or blackberries.


And add a small dash of cinnamon. Why? First, because it tastes good. And second, because cinnamon has positive effects on blood sugar and insulin levels, which is good for fat loss.



Homemade Kale Chips


I LOVE homemade kale chips. When I was transitioning away from a crappy diet, they really satisfied that craving for unhealthy chips.


Here’s how you make them:


– take a bunch of kale and rinse it.

– dry it completely with paper towels.

– add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

– throw in some sea salt.

– “massage” the kale until it’s completely coated with the oil and salt.

– the trick is to bake it slowly at 200F until crispy. It can take 30-40 minutes.



Roasted Seaweed


I discovered toasted seaweed during my time teaching English in Korea. It’s called “gim” and it’s a super popular snack over there.


Now, roasted seaweed tastes nothing like you’d imagine seaweed would taste. It tastes like chips. You buy it in packages of thin strips.


Make sure you buy seaweed that’s been roasted in olive oil. Not canola oil or anything else. You’ll find it in your local health food store.



Those were my eleven best low carb snacks. Do you have any favourites I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below.