Each Sunday I post the five best health and fitness articles I’ve found in the last week. I scan the net and dig deeper than the first page of Google: here are some real gems that deserve more attention than they’re currently getting.



The Carnivore Diet: Pros, Cons, and Suggestions – Riyan Malik


More and more people are eating an all-meat diet, including Canada’s own Jordan Peterson and former heart surgeon Dr Shawn Baker. I’ve always found it hard to find unbiased articles about the carnivore diet. Vegan bloggers focus on the downsides, while meat-lovers only talk about the benefits.


This article is one of the few well-balanced ones out there, explaining the pros and cons of removing plants from your diet.



Strength Training Can Relieve Depression – Dr Mercola


I’ve always felt amazing after an hour of heavy strength training. My clients often say to me that their moods and energy levels have improved since starting personal training. Dr Mercola summarises the scientific proof for these observations.



How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes or Less – Art of Manliness


I’ve mentioned before how important sleep is for both fat loss and building muscle. My personal formula for falling asleep is ZMA + Blublocker Sunglasses + Reading Fiction, but that might not work for everyone. This article gives some decent tips for mentally and physically relaxing, which will help ease you into sleep.



Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet Explained – A Complete Beginners Guide – Bulletproof Blog


The low-carb high-fat ketogenic diet can appear confusing at first. For most people, it’s a radically different way of eating and thinking about food.


This article is a great read for beginners who are confused about keto, or who might be considering trying it.



All Moms Should Deadlift Period – Core Exercise Solutions


I really loved this article. It gives some great deadlift tips for anyone who might be worried about safely deadlifting. I would only add “squeeze your abs” to protect your lower back as you’re performing the exercise.