Each Sunday I post the five best health and fitness articles I’ve found in the last week.


I scan the net, filter out the nonsense, and only give you the info that’s worth your time.



Do it and Diet – Dan John


Dan John is one of my favourite writers. He could write about anything and I’ll read it. It’s rare that you find such incredible writing ability in the fitness industry.


This article is about fat loss, daily habits, and long-term goals. He also manages to throw in a Jim Gaffigan reference and talks a lot about quality of life.


I’ve made it sound like it’s kinda confusing, but trust me, Dan makes it work.



Crossfit and Confirmation Bias – Eric Cressey


Before I talk about Crossfit, I’m going to say that if you enjoy Crossfit, cool. If you’ve seen good results from Crossfit, awesome. If you have fun and you’ve made a lot of friends at Crossfit, amazing.


But I have a lot of problem with Crossfit, and Eric deals with one of them in this excellent article: for athletic performance, Crossfit is too random. It isn’t any good for sport-specific training beyond a general improvement in overall fitness levels.


Because, to paraphrase what Eric mentions in this piece, random programming will lead to random results.



What Can Heat Do For Your Health – Mark Sisson


I’m a big fan of sitting in a sauna or steam room after a workout, especially if I can follow it with a cold shower.


If I’ve put a client through a particularly tough workout, especially if it’s a workout they’re not familiar with, I’ll always recommend they sit in the steam room for a few minutes. Why? Because there’s evidence that heat can help reduce muscle soreness in the days following a workout.


Mark’s article gives a few more benefits to saunas and steam rooms.



Why Guys Are Getting Butt and Chest Implants – Men’s Health


You may have noticed I’m posting a little less on Instagram recently. It’s because I’m starting to notice how toxic social media can be.


There’s way more pressure to look good today than ever before. Social media, especially Instagram, seems to be the main culprit. People take 50 photos from different angles, choose the best one, and apply the most flattering filter before posting. It’s very misleading.


I’m guilty of this too, and I feel bad for having done it. So I’ve actually removed all the shirtless selfies from my Instagram page because they don’t help anyone.


In fact, it can lead to this kind of ridiculous crap – people getting implants to make their muscles look bigger. Although I find it hard to understand the mindset of someone who chooses to get this kind of cosmetic surgery, I’m sympathetic to their pain.


Now, there’s also an obvious lack of discipline issue. Some people aren’t willing to put in the work and sacrifice required to achieve the physique they want. They choose the shortcut over the hard work. Fuck those people.



10 Ways to Stay Fit (not FAT) This Thanksgiving – getdryrub.com


Canadians, our Thanksgiving is less than a month away! Use the strategies in this article to avoid, or even minimise, weight gain this year.


I especially like the “Get a Buddy” strategy, where you and a friend keep each other accountable.


This site also sells a car seat cover specifically for active people. Apparently, sweat can make leather car seats crack and smell funky, so they’re offering a solution. Interesting idea.



BONUS – New Blog Post


I wrote a new blog post this week – “Hangover Cures: 10 Scientific Remedies“.