Each Sunday I post the five best health and fitness articles I’ve found in the last week.


I scan the net, filter out the nonsense, and only give you the info that’s worth your time.



Dear Over-45 Trainee… – Steve Maxwell


Steve is awesome. Everything he says in this article tallies with my experience training clients over 45. The only thing I’d add is that it’s also possible to rebuild muscle you may have lost when you were longer thanks to doing silly things like not lifting weights.


So if you’re over 45 years old, this article is definitely worth a read. It might even save you a hip replacement. And even if you’re under 45, read it to find out how you need to change your training program if you want your knees to last another 50 years.


Thanks to my client Ms M for sending this article to me.



How Running Kept Me Overweight – Breaking Muscle


I’m not against running as part of a weight loss program. But if running is all you’re doing to lose weight, then you’re going to have a bad time.


The author of this article got so good at running that she even ran a bloody ultramarathon! And guess what? She was still overweight. With knee and hip pain from all that running.


Have you ever stood and watched the runners during a marathon? I have. And the vast majority of them fall into one of two categories: undermuscled or overweight. Because they clearly don’t lift weights.


If you’re determined to run a marathon, cool. Just be sure to make strength training part of your program.



10 Best Apps for Your Overall Health – Men’s Health


Despite the clickbait title, this is actually a decent list of apps that might help you get healthier.


I have the Headspace app right in the middle of my home screen. I’ve been meditating on and off since 2010, but I’ve not been able to form that daily habit yet. Maybe actually paying for a Headspace subscription will help me.



Dear Mark: Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison? – Mark Sisson


You may have read the recent headlines where a Harvard professor described coconut oil as “pure poison”.


Look,  I really don’t care where a professor teaches. Actually, no, I do care: the more prestigious the university, the less I trust the professor. Why? Epistemic arrogance.


Anyway, Mark does a great job pointing out all the scientific studies that show coconut oil is either neutral or beneficial to health.



Body Transformation Programs Are A Sham – Breaking Muscle


I LOVED this article. All those 90-day fat-to-fit programs that promise ripped abs and bulging biceps are complete bollocks.


And even if they do happen to work, what happens at the end of the 90-day program? I’d love to see a study following up with these people after another 90 days. How many of them have actually kept their new physique? My guess would be less than 10% of them.


My point is this: the longer it takes you to achieve your physique, the longer you’ll keep it.


Here’s a great example: one of my clients recently took a couple of months off training to travel. She’d been training consistently with me for 8 months (around 240 days) and had slowly become leaner and stronger during that time. After her 2-month break, we used our body composition machine to see what had happened during that time.


What had happened? Nothing. She had pretty much the exact same amount of muscle and body fat that she’d had 2 months earlier.


I’ll say it again: the longer it takes you to achieve your physique, the longer you’ll keep it.