Each Sunday I post the five best health and fitness articles I’ve found in the last week.


I scan the net, filter out the nonsense, and only give you the info that’s worth your time.



Valuing Ourselves Beyond the Physical Aspect – Girls Gone Strong


Loved this article from Girls Gone Strong. While I don’t agree with every single statement the author makes (I won’t go into it; it doesn’t matter), I fully agree that a person’s worth goes beyond how they look.


Largely thanks to social media, beauty standards are at a ridiculous level; just type #fitnessmodel into the IG search bar, and you’ll see how crazy things are.


We know that Instagram use can cause depression. Consider taking a week off. You’ll feel liberated.


Now, having said that, make sure you don’t use these ideas to rationalise being lazy. Hit the gym, eat healthily, and spend more time on your feet. Use performance goals – 10 pull-ups, a double bodyweight deadlift – to track your progress in the gym. It’s a much healthier mindset.



Mark Wahlberg’s Insane Workout Schedule Starts at 2:30. In The Morning – Men’s Health


I’m a huge fan of waking up early. I love getting up at 4.45 am and getting things done while everyone else is asleep.


But 2.30 am?! The guy’s a machine.



Tip: 5 Signs Your Trainer is a D-Bag – T Nation


The personal training industry is unregulated. While the libertarian in me loves this, I have to admit that it’s one reason why there are so many shit trainers in the industry.


I’m lucky enough to work at a gym with very high standards. But I’ve seen all 5 of these behaviours in other gyms I’ve had the misfortune of training in.


If any of the signs apply to your trainer, get a new one.



Strategic Variation: The Misunderstood Key to Long-Term Growth – elitefts


I’ve been doing a lot of research on hypertrophy training (muscle building) recently and applied it to my own program to test the ideas.


I’m 11 lb heavier now than I was a month ago. And only 2 lb of that is fat. The rest is muscle and water.


This article is one of the ones I came across and found very useful. Check it out if building muscle is your current goal.



Ladies: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Stronger – Tony Gentilcore


Women are fed a lot of fitness-related bullshit. This article, written by a woman with a female audience in mind, gives some excellent advice.


My favourite piece of advice: stop doing so much damn cardio.



BONUS – New Blog Post


I wrote a new blog post this week – “What to Eat Before a Workout: A Simple Guide“.