Each Sunday I post the five best health and fitness articles I’ve found in the last week.


I scan the net, filter out the nonsense, and only give you the info that’s worth your time.


Swear for More Strength and Power – T-Nation


Experienced gym-goers will know this already. I often find myself swearing under my breath in between sets, and even telling myself to “keep fucking going” if I’m struggling during a tough set.



Pizza And Cocaine? They’re The Same To Your Brain – Bodybuilding.com


This is an absolutely fascinating article about the reward centres in your brain, and what happens when you eat a meal that’s rich in both fat and carbs (a combination you don’t really get in nature).


I also love that Bodybuilding.com responded to my tweet about this article.



Training Frequency for Strength Development: What the Date Say – Stronger By Science


One of the most in-depth, well-researched, and well-written articles I’ve ever seen on training frequency.


Training a movement three times a week seems to be optimal. I’ve found the minimum required for long-term improvement is twice a week.



12 Basic, Natural, & Easy Habits To Enhance Longevity – Ben Greenfield Fitness


I don’t usually like articles that talk about how easy something is, but this one is an exception.


Great information, simple habits to implement, and well-researched.



The Power of Giving – Live, Learn, Pass On – Elitefts


I absolutely LOVED this article. I used to be an English teacher, and I take a “teaching” approach to training clients.


Explaining why we’re doing particular movements is a key part of the training session for me. Just telling people to do this or that without giving them the why seems pointless.


Now, some people might say that I’m giving too much, that the client is learning enough to go off on their own and train without me.


But I haven’t found this to be the case. And even if a client does leave me to train on their own … so what? I’ve done my job. And frankly, I think my job is way more about providing clients with accountability than anything else.