Hi, I’m Daniel Rosenthal. I’m a Tier II personal trainer at Equinox Bay Street, the gym of choice for Toronto’s highest performers.


I started learning about fitness as an unfit twenty-something. I was a 40-a-day smoker, I drank too much, and I had zero understanding of proper nutrition.


Ever since I decided to educate myself on healthy living, I’ve successfully lost 40 lb of body fat and built 25 lb of muscle.


before and after daniel rosenthal


I can help you with:

– fat loss

– muscle building

– strength

– powerlifts: squat, deadlift and bench press

– kettlebell skills

– prenatal and postpartum fitness

– mobility, flexibility and balance

– nutrition guidance



More About Me


I’m English (and I have the accent to prove it).

I was born in 1985.

I’m married to a beautiful Canadian girl.

My Uber score is 4.94.

Canada is the fourth country I’ve lived in.

I used to teach kindergarten.



Qualifications / Courses Taken


– Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Science Association. (2016)

– “Kettlebell One” with Kettlebell Athletics. (March 2017)

– “Behavior Change” with Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD, of Precision Nutrition. (November 2018)

– “Training the Pre and Post Natal Client” with Annette Lang. (April 2018)

– “Becoming a Battle Rope Expert” with Aaron Guyett, Onnit Master Coach. (September 2018)

– BA (Hons) in French from the University of Leeds, UK. (2007)


I work exclusively at Equinox Bay Street. For any personal training enquiries, please fill out the form below.




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